Library Display

Members of The Bartram Garden Club place complimentary floral designs in the foyer of the Fernandina Beach Branch of the Nassau County Public Library System on a rotating basis during every month. This community service project allows members to hone their floral design skills in a fun and relaxed venue, and at the same time, introduces the general public to specific plant materials and mechanics commonly used in floral design art. As an additional educational tool, all plant material is identified with the common and scientific botanical names. 


The club's first library display was designed and placed by Frances Tidd in October 2016. The arrangement features various epiphyte specimens along with a small plaque giving information about the Bartram Garden Club meetings at the library.



The November library exhibit was designed and placed by Kathleen Lunman, evoking the colors and spirit of Fall.


The library display for December is a festive creative design by Frances Ambrose. It is a custom crafted sculpture, simply stated with painted dried leaves and fresh carnations.

Library design by Bev williams


The January 2017 library exhibit was created by member Beverly Williams. The dried Agapanthus seed heads were painted to depict New Year's fireworks. Additional line is created with metallic wire which reflects light.



February's library exhibit was created by member Kathleen Lunman and is a floral interpretation of the Mardi Gras season.

Kathleen added a new design to the library in February to acknowledge the coming of spring flowers and fresh leaves on the trees. Click on any image to see the full content. 



The March 2017 library design was created by member Peg Lehosit in recognition of the vast resources available at libraries. Visit the Fernandina Branch of the Nassau County library network sometime soon. The newly renovated facility has a lot to offer to our community.



A second display for March was placed by Mariette Wooden with a design interpreting St. Patrick's Day.


For the April library display, this Easter vignette was created by Claudia Burningham and Elizabeth Rawson.


The early May exhibit was placed in the library by Frances Tidd as an encouragement to be good stewards of our beaches. The exhibit features a number of common items that beachgoers take with them on their outings and is a reminder that "If you pack it in, then pack it out." 


Later in May, Frances Tidd placed this design in the library to commemorate Memorial Day and to honor all those who served our great nation.


In early June, Frances Tidd placed this design in the library to celebrate the fun of summer.


Later in June, this design was placed by Frances Tidd.


In early July, Frances Tidd placed this design in the library to celebrate our country's Independence Day.


For the mid July exhibit, manipulated Cyperus gives an otherwise traditional design a creative flair. The container is a 4" terra cotta flower pot inverted and topped with a 6" saucer painted to match. A needlepoint cup holder anchors the plant material and provides a water source. Design and container created by Beverly Williams.


In early August, 2017 this line design utilizing fresh and dried plant material was placed by Frances Ambrose.


In mid August, 2017 this exhibit was placed by new member Katie Aquino, one of our emerging Floral Design Study students.




In early September, 2017 this multi-rhythmic design was created by Beverly Williams, featuring fall mums, manipulated Aspibistra elelatior leaves and metallic spheres. Painted cardboard packing material is woven through the design to enhance rhythm and texture.



Placed in mid September, 2017 this creative mass design features dried Magnolia grandiflora, dried Hydrangea macrophylla, Rhus (Sumac) seed pods and palm spathes. The design was originally exhibited as a fresh flower arrangement by Beverly Williams in a 2012 flower show.


This display was placed in the library in mid October by Frances Tidd.


This vibrant exhibit was placed by Frances Tidd. The dried Cockscomb Celosia forms mimic the pattern of the container, while the thoughtful placement of the base and drape help punctuate the principles of rhythm and balance with the continuation of color throughout the design.


By Frances Ambrose, this design is comprised of dried and painted palmetto fronds punctuated with a contrived flower made from fishtail palm evokes the holiday spirit.